BT21 minini
LED Bluetooth Mic
Singing the sick part of our favorite song
with BT21 minini 😉
Real Live in our house🎤
Show off your hidden talent!

All set for a refreshing mood
with the sparkling and luminous LED mood lamp✨
You can use it efficiently anywhere because it is wireless.

If you use the Bluetooth to connect to the karaoke app,
youtube, or any other app in the smart machines,
You could start a personal concert, just for you!

BT21 minini also held onto the M.I.C.!
Figures with alive features~
The seven unique pastel colors are just right for your mood! 💖

When you are not using the mic,
you can also listen to the music on speaker mode.

Show the best funk with your family and friends!
Use the item to bring up the fun in you.
  • Rupali Shedge

    I BTS ARMY ✌💜💜💜🙃🙂

  • Anakha

    I want to know the price and how can i buy this

  • Eun-ji

    쿠키 하나 주세요 나는 그들을 사랑한다

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