A delightful meet up to celebrate
the 10th Anniversary of BROWN & FRIENDS!


The collaboration
between the fatally charming MINIONS
and the irresistibly lovable


The collection ranges from cute plushies
and lovely fashion items,
stylish outdoors equipment,
all the way to our adorable golf accessories!


Let us introduce you to
our fascinating collection
including three major line-ups 💛



Bello! Look at BOB and BROWN hugging
their adorable duplicate twin mascots!
Their signature blue overalls
and goggles are the highlights ✨


Our doll line-up consists of
the irresistibly cute costume plushies,
the lovely bag charm plushies,
a reversible cushion, and big-sized cushions
you can lean on to let your worries away!



AirPods Case
(AirPods/ AirPods Pro)

Our adorable silicone AirPods
case will bring you joy
as you dance to your favorite music.
The finger strap also makes it easier
for you to carry the AirPods around.


The plushie crossbody bags
and face-shaped string pouch
can be used as a statement piece
for your everyday outfit!


This eco bag made of cotton fabric is
fully covered with an extremely adorable
and back! A mini pouch that comes
with the bag can be detached,
so feel free to use it in your own way!



Get ready for
an exciting camping trip

Our camping chair
supports your body comfortably
and comes with its own
portable pouch.

This 15-inch hard shell
luggage is convenient,
thanks to its suitable size.
It comes with divided storage space as well!


You will be able to find
your luggage at once
by using our adorable silicone tags!
You can write your name
and contact information
in case of any emergency.

Put cooling ice packs
in our tarpaulin cooler bag
to keep your drinks cool.


The folding cart consists of four wheels
that make it easier for you
to move around heavy items.
The cart cover can also
be used as a mini table.
use the MINIONS tarpaulin cooler bag
that fits perfectly in the cart for cold items.
The folding cart makes a perfect pair
with the mini luggage bag, especially
when you need to
carry multiple items at once.



This double wall insulated camping cup
helps keep the cup free
from any condensation.
Have a better drinking experience
both indoors and outdoors!
Don’t forget to put
our adorable drink markers
on top for an extra touch of cuteness.


Become the center of attention out
on the green fields
with our cute golf driver covers!
Make your own unique collection
with our golf items,
ranging from driver covers, golf balls,
to our adorable ball pouches.

Our soft and fluffy plushie fabric protects
the golf drivers from any outside impact.
Use the BROWN and BOB mini pouch
to store additional golf balls
or any small items.

We are excited to launch
our golf accessories set
with enhanced printing details!
This special edition includes a
colorful collection
of specially customized Volvik golf balls,
ball markers, and a golf tee holder.
The detailed packaging makes it a
perfect gift for any golf enthusiast!

Check out our first-ever collaboration
with the MINIONS!
You can explore our overwhelmingly cute
must-have items at LINE FRIENDS.




Each country may have different line ups and launch schedules.
Please check with the customer service center of each official store to have detailed information on release schedule and delivery.

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