A beautiful melody from Champs-Élysées inspired BROWN and KITSUNÉ to unite in Paris.


Maison Kitsuné, also known as the epitome of French chic,
joined hands with our irresistibly lovable BROWN for a unique collection.

Maison Kitsuné X LINE FRIENDS

Spice up your extraordinary taste by making
your everyday special with our special French mood.



Meet KITSUNÉ‘s new look inspired by BROWN’s sensibility and
the modern style of Maison Kitsuné! The rich fur fabric detail
helps add a lively look to our two friends.





Our fashion line-up consists of BROWN and KITSUNÉ graphics
that can be matched with any casual outfit!
We’ve prepared various sizes for both adults and children.
Create matching outfits with our items that come in various colors and styles.


Sizes are available for children as young as 6-year-olds up to 12-year-olds.


Sizes start from XS and are available up to XXL.

Mug Cup Set

The Mug Cup Set comes with BROWN and KITSUNÉ printed on the cups.
The cute packaging makes it a perfect gift for any special occasion.

iPhone Case

Our silicone iPhone case was made with flexible but sturdy
soft-touch silicone material that fits snugly on the phone.
The soft suede fabric used for the inner lining of the phone case
will protect the phone from outside impacts.


AirPods Case
(AirPods/ AirPods Pro)

Our Airpods case is made of flexible silicone material that is pleasant to carry around.
The case is made of BROWN and KITSUNÉ’s face, which has a simple yet chic structure.
The carabiner attached to the case makes it convenient to carry around.


Diary Pen SET

Our Hard Cover Diary contains the story of BROWN and KITSUNÉ.
The diary contains monthly, yearly, and lined pages for easy year-round planning.
This set comes with two smooth matte jell pens with black ink.

Tote Bag

Our canvas bags come in a mini and regular size.
You can interchangeably use them depending on occasion and style!




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