2022 Holiday Advent Calendar

Feel the fragrance coming from nature
during our 14 days of journey✨
BT21 prepared fragrant 14 days!
Meet a special December 2022 
at LINE FRIENDS Online Store
with Holiday Advent Calendar
and THE BODY SHOP that uses natural resources.

The advent calendar is comprised of

THE BODY SHOP’s most loved 10 best-seller items

and 4 types of BT21 BABY’s Advent Calendar limited items.

Each day will come like an exciting present

for all 14 days written on the calendar.

THE BODY SHOP is an ethical and naturalistic

global brand that spreads positive society campaigns.

They are genuine beauty that starts from the inside.


THE BODY SHOP aims for beauty that comes from joy and comfort.

They practice promoting self-respect, human rights,

opposition to animal experiments,

fair trade, and environmental protection by their founder,

Anita Roddick’s business principle.


Meet THE BODY SHOP’s diverse campaign 

at LINE FRIENDS Online Store.



  • Becky

    How do we buy it? There’s no Add to Cart button or price. Just photos and a description.

  • Emily

    Where is the advent calendar? It’s not up even though it’s time.

  • Whitney

    How much is the holiday advert calendar please i didn’t see a price thank you

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