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    Product Size : 95*173*25(mm)

    Product Weight : 71g

    Material : PC, Rubber

    Pocket-sized and all-in-one mouse keyboard 

    made by BROWN&FRIENDS!

    You can take a selfie, listen to music, take a phone call, and enjoy HID game. 

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    Product Size : 95*173*25(mm)

    Product Weight : 71g

    Material : PC, Rubber


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    Pocket-sized and all-in-one mouse keyboard made by BROWN&FRIENDS!

    You can take a selfie, listen to music, take a phone call, and enjoy HID game.

    A remote controller compatible with a wide range of devices,

    including latest mobile phones, tablets, mouse keyboard and Books app controller. Also fit for Galaxy Dex mode, mirroring mode, and even, Android Shield TV and Amazon Fire TV.


    This gamepad works with devices that serve as standard gamepads once connected to bluetooth, and it also works for games in OS. This gamepad works with standard PC, laptops, and mobile android. We do not provide controllers like iOS-MFi controller or specific consoles (ex - PS).

    Bluetooth 5.0 standard gamepad

    You can enjoy your game with a standard gamepad, even at a large screen mirroring setting


    Touch mapping works in Android mobile, and earlier versions of OS, previous to iOS 13.4. It does not work in mirroring screen which is connected to external monitors.It will work when connected to mobile devices.

    Android touch mapping gaming

    On Android mobile devices, touch mapping mode is available for games that do not support standard gamepads! Customize yourself with touch mapping setting, adding on to the basic setting when playing Indie games


    You can adjust the setting for touchmapping, once you download ‘ShootingPlus V3’ app in Google Play.

    Voice support, Siri/Google Mobile

    With hyper sensitive mike, Siri and Google Voice Recognition are available! A tri-functional input device, equipped with a voice keyboard mouse!


    Voice input is mobile-based function, and it is available with Android mobile, tablet PC, iPhone, iPad, and MacBook. It also works at mirroring mode.

    Hi-fi wireless audio receiver

    Control and enjoy music with mobile device at the same time! It can also work as a Bluetooth speaker when you connect it to a wired speaker.


    It does not work with Apple TV or Android TV, since they are not structured in the same way as mobile devices. You need to connect it to a bluetooth keyboard and audio to use the item.

    Bluetooth All-in-one Keyboard

    Wireless Specifications: HID Bluetooth 5.0 LE (Low Power)+EDR / Audio Bluetooth 4.2 CSR

    Wireless Radio reception: up to 10 meters

    Transmission power : ±5db

    Power: Lithium ion polymer battery 450 mAh

    Charging voltage/current: 4.4 to 5.25 V / < 300 mA

    Charge time: 2 hours and 40 minutes

    Continuous time: around 22 hours (no backlight, no audio connected)

    Waiting time (when connected to Bluetooth): within 300 hours

    Waiting time (without Bluetooth connection): 6 months

    General hours of use: Depends on your using pattern and period of use (ex- charging once a week or once a month)

    Size / Weight: 128×66×10 mm / 65 g




    > Is this compatible with iPhone and iPad?


    It is compatible with iOS13 and all the later versions.




    > Is touch mapping possible on iPhone and ipa iPad?


    As funding is still in process, Bluetooth touch function is not available for versions later than iOS13.4. Given that it is Apple’s policy, situation can change. On that note, before you fund our project, please do keep in mind that there can be limitations in developing such function applicable to nearby devices. Please, keep this in mind when funding the product.




    > Is voice input available in iPhone and Galaxy?


    Yes, as of now when funding is still underway, Siri and Google Assistant are all available for mobile phones, only after you connect to audio receiver Bluetooth. In case of streaming TV box, voice input is not compatible.




    > Is it possible to use it as a remote control for smart TV, TV box, HTPC and mini PC?


    Most devices (Android, later versions of Window7, Linux) that can connect to bluetooth keyboard and mouse (HID) or game pad are good to go.


    Even with Smart TV and Amazon Fire TV that have their own OS, if you can connect to Bluetooth input device, it’s a yes. Although we support a multiple TV boxes, including Apple TV and Mi Box, there can be limitations in terms of voice input and typing letters.


    Please check with the manufacturer or mobile carrier to see whether you can connect to Bluetooth keyboard or mouse, when you wish to use for Smart TV or other IPTV set-up boxes. However, on/off function is not available. (Use your original remote control or turn off the device yourself)




    > Are there any precautions when using HID standard gamepad?


    It might be challenging to use the item when you are playing a game like ‘Battleground Mobile’ that supports touch UI or other games only available for wired gamepad. For advanced users, you can try using application like Octopus that connects your keypad to specific area of the touch screen.


    In case of 3D/FPS game that requires W, A, S, D and a mouse at the same time, you have to use a jog joystick and selected buttons on the keypad. Therefore, it might take time to get used to making swift direction change and manipulating the device. This item is more suitable for racing or classic emulation games that support gamepad.


    In case of Xbox Game Pass, you need to sign in for mobile service in order to use the item on mobile device. For it supports Bluetooth standard controller, it is possible to use the item at this stage. We recommend you to make the settings most convenient to you when playing the game.




    > I’d like to hear the sound from my phone and TV. Can I turn off the wireless receiver? 


    You need to erase or un-register the PV-K01-audio device on Bluetooth setting.