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KwangJuYo BROWN & FRIENDS Series Round Dish 17 (BROWN)

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    Product Size : 175*175*35(mm)

    Product Weight : 305g

    Material : Pottery

    BROWN & FRIENDS ㅣ KwangJuYo

    Brown and Sally met KwangJuYo, a brand that produces Korean traditional luxurious pottery. This special edition is composed of efficient and unique tableware. 

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    The coaster is designed with KwangJuYo's distinctive lotus called "Mokbuyongmoon" (Hibiscus mutabilis) and BROWN & FRIENDS' unique features in blue. 

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    Product Size : 175*175*35(mm)

    Product Weight : 305g

    Material : Pottery


    • There is a risk of damage due to impact, so be careful when handling.

    • Please keep it out of reach of infants/infants and children. 

    • When using it by children, a guardian needs special attention.

    • When using ceramics, avoid rapid temperature changes.

    • It will be damaged if it comes to indirect fire.

    • If the product is cracked or cracked, discontinue use.

    • Do not use dyed bleach for washing. If you use a rough or metallic scrubbing brush, the product may be damaged. Be sure to moisten the product with a soft cloth or sponge with a neutral detergent.

    • Keep it dry after washing to remove moisture.

    • The black spots and spots that are visible are not defective as the iron contained in the body was caused by fire.


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    BROWN and SALLY meets KwangJuYo

    a traditional tableware brand that specializes in opulent porcelain goods. This edition is composed of items which will add a degree of sophistication to your daily meals.

    Available in Two Sizes

    The plate is available in 2 sizes: 14cm and 17cm. These are the sizes that are used often in kitchen. Please check the size before purchase.

    Light and Bright (14cm)

    This size is perfect for light desserts and side dishes.

    It is smaller than the hand size of average adult female.



    Rich and Fancy (17cm)

    This size is perfect for a single dish.

    Its curve shaped design makes it more efficient and stylish.



    What's Inside

    ??1 plate

    1 side dish bowl

    (14cm / 17cm)

    'Kwangjuyo' is realized to be the modern tableware of 'bringing ceramic culture into daily life' by taking over the historic traditional artisanship and artistic flair of the  royal pottery of Chosun Dynasty. Today, Kwangjuyo is much loved at home and abroad as the Korea's leading brand of luxury ware by its outstanding products furnished with the dignity of traditional royal pottery, the artistic value from technical skills and practicality.