Shipping Info.

Shipping will take approximately 30 BUSINESS days or sooner. (Please note these do not include weekends & holidays).​  
Please see Here for the estimated ship date.


Shipping Regions

LINE FRIENDS COLLECTION delivers to the following 18 territories

Asia  Mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines, Russia
North America Canada,United States of America, Mexico, Puerto Rico
South America  Argentina, Brazil, Chile
Oceania  Australia
Shipping Policy

1. The shipping cost will be automatically set at the price you pay with LINE FRIENDS.

2. Customer will be responsible for any Customs fees, taxes and other expenses incurred. Please Keep in mind if these charges assessed, it is responsibility of the package recipient. 

3. Depending on its shipped out date, each of your different orders may be packed in one package.

4. If you purchased many products, the arrival date of your order may vary due to separately packed in several packages.